The exhaust is proving a little difficult, again due to space dating site för gifta fuskare constraints at the front of the subframe but this is basically the setup i'm going with.
Here's video of the Frankenstein V8-powered Ford on the dyno.I've got flanges for both the cat and a straight through piece, for the track obviously.So let me explain how all this happened.I had time last week to create a chain tensioner from a sprocket, as its only keeping the chain tensioned so I decided to use non-hardened after the hassle I got cutting through hardened steel before!The result is an ultra-lightweight, extremely capable track monster with 450 horsepower, 270.-ft.This is so I can run bigger ford wheels on the front like the back, that will also mean I can run bigger brakes (something like 300mm would be great).Unpassenden Inhalt melden, wählen Sie eine der folgenden Optionen aus.
Huge update, I've not posted progress on the forum for a couple of weeks for a very good reason.I ordered the wrong size springs first time round so I had to grab some replacements on the quick!The coilovers finally arrived and the springs were promptly fitted, note.I'm now in quite a predicament where I need to get new front hubs made but I don't really want to purchase the equipment and tooling.Radical Performance Engines under the hood.I'm happy to announce after a long time the car is finally off the stands!It's as fantastic as you'd expect.Now for the mandatory crazy offset picture.The two tubes poking out are getting cut back and blanked off, they're serving as a good exhaust mount while test fitting currently.First brittany kontakta sexiga spjut tabell up was tapping the rear uprights to match the size of the rose joints.Rear brakes are now all on and together, the first set of discs were too small (ordered in excitement).Unsurprisingly, it looks like a handful.There's everything from ultra-high downforce Nissan S15s to all-electric Lotus Evoras competing for victory.