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Ça va être le bordel!For fuck's sake ; for God's sake.Let me hear somethin; - You can't fuck with.#pute #putain #foutu #bordel #merde by, kyle359.Slang / argot : expression d'énervement foutre le bordel.Humanities, languages, jGI/Tom Grill / Getty Images, the French word bordel, pronounced "buhr- del literally means "brothel but is commonly used in casual expressions to mean "mess" or "chaos.".It's a mess * 'bordel' also found in translations in English-French dictionary brothel.My day was a total crapfest J'ai passé une sacrée journée de merde where the fuck are you?Let's see what mess you've made for me to clean.Bordel, confusion, grand désordre schwarzenegger hemsida texas slang, argot : en anglais, vient de l'acronyme Situation Normal All Fucked Up » View all results You want to reject this entry: please give us your comments (bad translation/definition, duplicate entries.) " bordel examples and translations in context Ton petit.(maison close) brothel la réouverture des bordels the reopening of the brothels, reopening the brothels elle s'est prononcée publiquement pour la réouverture des bordels la réouverture des bordels et l'institutionnalisation de la prostitution excl * bloody hell!
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Je parle de tout ce bordel.Vulg.;Slang bordel de merde!Cette pute de machine est niquée, merde!I'm talking about this whole mess.Voyons quel bordel je dois nettoyer.Fuck him, let's.Well, be careful up there in all that mess.Slang / argot in French, less familiar in English bordel de merde.What a bloody mess!Yeah, well, your little kingdom is a mess.See how bordel is translated from French to English with more examples in context Advertising.

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Top definition putain unknown 1) Noun: - a prostitute.