(5) If an obligee does not require performance during a term specified in subsection (3) or university of essex busskort (4) of this section, the obligee may no longer require performance of the obligation but may resort to other legal remedies.
(2) A lessor may refuse to grant consent for the sublease of a thing only if the lessor has good reason therefor, particularly if: 1) the lessee does not disclose the conditions for the sublease to the lessor; 2) the sublease would cause significant loss.
The creditor shall not promote or encourage the consumer not to provide the information required for the assessment of the credit status of the consumer.(7) The provisions of subsection (6) of this section shall not preclude or restrict the right of the obligee to claim compensation for damage caused by a delay in the payment of interest.(4) The provisions of subsections (2) and (3) of this section do not apply if the improvements and alterations are insignificant and do not bring about an increase in the rent.This also applies if partners continue the activities of a partnership entered into for a specified term after the expiry of the term.(3) Agreed value shall not be deemed to be insurable value if, at the time of the occurrence of the insured event, it differs significantly from the actual insured value.(2) The following shall be communicated to a consumer in any event: 1) information on the conditions of the right of withdrawal and the details of exercising such right, pursuant to 56 of this Act; 2) the address of the supplier's place of business.If the third party is a person with restricted active legal capacity and the policyholder is his or her legal representative, the policyholder may represent the third party in the grant of consent only with the permission of the court of the residence of the.(2) The lessor shall, at the request of the lessee, enable the lessee to examine documents certifying accessory expenses.(2) The policyholder is under no obligation to inform the insurer of circumstances which are already known to the insurer or which the policyholder may reasonably assume to be known to the insurer.Provision of health care services to patients without capacity to exercise their will (1) If a patient is unconscious or incapable of exercising his or her will for any other reason (a patient without the capacity to exercise his or her will) and.
If a donor does not give notification of the defects of a thing intentionally, a donee may claim compensation for the damage caused by violation of the obligation instead of delivery kravlöst datum citat of a thing which conforms to the contract.
RT I, 1 - entry into force (20) The provisions of this Division do not apply to money transfers where the originator or recipient is a credit institution.(3) If a payment service provider and a client of the payment service provider have agreed on the day of execution of a payment order in accordance with the provisions of subsection 7242 (4) of this Act, the client may withdraw the payment order until.(2) If the payment order unique identifier provided by the client of the payment service provider is incorrect, the payment service provider shall not be liable for the failure to execute or incorrect execution of the payment transaction in conformity with 7333 of this Act.In such case, each of the performers of the act bonden vill ha en fru som jag gillar att baka muffins has the right to demand that the reward be deposited jointly for all performers of the act.(3) In the case of under-insurance, the insurer shall compensate for expenses only in the proportion provided for in 482 of this Act.Transfer of enterprise (1) The transferor of an enterprise may undertake to transfer the enterprise to the transferee on the basis of a contract entered into with the transferee.The rights and obligations which arise from the contract before cancellation remain valid.Silent partner's inspection right A silent partner has the right to inspect the accounting records of an undertaking which concern the economic activities in which the silent partner participates, and to receive a copy of the annual report of the undertaking.(4) If force majeure continues for more than fifty days from the date on which the holder of a cheque gave notice of the force majeure to the endorser of the holder, the claim specified in subsection 1000 (1) of this Act may be filed.Obligations of parties (1) The obligations of the parties may be set out in the contract or provided by law.Term for executing payment order (1) The payment service provider of the payer shall ensure that the payment amount would reach the account of the payment service provider of the payee no later than on the business day following the receipt of the payment order.