In the ussr the direct impact for creation of Aerial Cruisers became appearance of heavy bombers TB-1 in mid sex mötes och taipei 20-s.
On the 5-th of October, 1931 the first serial aircraft R-6 with two M-17 engines was transferred to AF Scientific and Research Institute for governmental förfallodag inom livförsäkring test.
The Native First Multipurpose Strategic Aircraft ANT-7 (R-6).By 26 August, 1929 the first ANT-7 (AF nomenclature is R-6) was built.From the year 1932 the plant.31 in Taganrog mastered the serial production of floatplane MP-6 - a R-6 a/c version.They were of the same type as TB-1 (BMW UI-M-17).For this purpose intermediate class airplanes were required which were called Aerial Cruisers with speeds close to that of single-seat fighters, large operation range and powerful cannon armament.The developed aircraft prototype was used as a standard a/c at the Plant.22.From the 1936 R-6 a/c was manufactured at the new Plant.The tests and development were made up to March, 1930!
Plant.22 received serial order.
There were several versions of ANT-7 basing on major serial production modifications - some of them realized and others -left as a project only: - PS-7 2M-17 and MP-6 2M-17 land-based and float-based versions were transferred from Air Forces to Civil Air Fleet and were.Besides the function of bombers protection these airplanes were entrusted with tasks of reconnaissance, fighting with enemy bombers, bomb strikes.Emerald Aqua Park City, kM 21 Sahl Hashesh Road,?In October, 1026 according.N.Tupolev proposal the DB started designing of all-metal two-engine ANT-7 a/c intended to be Aerial Cruiser.Upon elimination of major faults revealed in the course of the test of base a/c a full-scale production of the aircraft started.Aerial-Cruiser class of airplanes takes their origin at the end of the 1-st World War when heavy bombers appeared that needed to be protected from attacks of enemy fighter on the entire routes of the bombers flights.