The state is the second largest oil producing state in Nigeria and has a refinery in Warri.
The Chinese government, by investing in stolen crude, places its citizens in our line of fire." 5 Government and private initiatives to develop the Niger Delta region söker sex och droger överallt och var som helst have been introduced recently.
Lagos State recently join the list of commercial oil-producing states in Nigeria, which will make them part of the List of Niger Delta States in Nigeria.
The western (or Northern) Niger Delta is an heterogeneous society with several ethnic groups including the Urhobo, Isoko, Itsekiri, Ijaw (or Izon) and Ukwuani groups in Delta State; the Bini, Esan,Auchi, Esako,oral, igara and Afenmai in Edo State; and the Yoruba (Ilaje) in Ondo State.Allocations have varied from as much as 50, owing to the First Republic's high degree of regional autonomy, and as low as 10 during the military dictatorships.The Niger Delta is a very densely populated region sometimes called the Oil Rivers because it was once a major producer of palm oil.They also complained about environmental pollution and destruction of their land and rivers by foreign oil companies.United Kingdom: Amnesty International Publications International Secretariat, 2009,.Nigerian oil edit Main article: Petroleum industry in Nigeria Nigeria has become West Africa's biggest producer of petroleum.As a result of this crisis, Professor Eyo Ita left the ncnc to form a new political party called the National Independence Party (NIP) which was one of the five Nigerian political parties represented at the conferences on Nigerian Constitution and Independence.When long-held concerns about loss of control over resources to the oil companies were voiced by the Ijaw people in the Kaiama Declaration in 1998, the Nigerian government sent troops to occupy the Bayelsa and Delta states.
Nigerian Civil War edit The people of the eastern region suffered heavily and sustained many deaths during Nigerian Civil War, also known as the Biafran War, in which the eastern region declared an independent state named Biafra that was eventually defeated, thereby preserving the sovereignty.
The aftermath of the 1961 plebiscite has led to a dispute between Cameroon and Nigeria over the small territory of Bakassi.
Major ethnic groups include; Oron, Ibibio and Annang.The biggest gas flaring company is the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria Ltd, a joint venture that is majority owned by the Nigerian government.Process of releasing Moses Akatugba on course, says Gov.The indigents protested against the lack of economic development,.g.The delta is a petroleum-rich region and has been the center of international controversy over pollution.Some 2 million barrels (320,000 m3) a day are extracted in the Niger Delta.The Central Niger Delta region has the Ijaw (including the Nembe-Brass, Ogbia, Kalabari people, Ibani of Opobo Bonny, Abua, Okrika, Engenni and Andoni clans the Ogoni People (Khana, Gokana and Eleme) and the Etche, Ogba, Ikwerre, Ndoni, Ekpeye and Ndoki in Rivers State.The derivation formula refers to the percentage of the revenue oil-producing states retain from taxes on oil and other natural resources produced in the state.A new phase of the struggle saw the declaration of an Independent Niger Delta Republic by Isaac Adaka Boro during Nigerian president Ironsi's administration, just before the Nigerian Civil War.Atlantic Ocean in, nigeria.Cross river, this state got its name from the Cameroonian river, cross which it shares boundary with.In September 2008, mend released a statement proclaiming that their militants had launched an "oil war" throughout the Niger Delta against both, pipelines and oil-production facilities, and the Nigerian soldiers that protect them.

In Nigeria, ".despite regulations introduced 20 years ago to outlaw the practice, most associated gas is flared, causing local pollution and contributing to climate change." 12 The environmental devastation associated with the industry and the lack of distribution of oil wealth have been the source.