This serves to split the power in city council.
A balance sheet is now available for rogue buildings.To afford the extra payments, the costs for office applications counts towards the city treasury.Known Issues Workers seem to end their work days early sometimes.The rogue actions of the AI are now implemented in library/a.The sales counter is limited to 16 slots though.Here are the most likely to happen: The warehouse should have workers (merchants).Mercenaries now offer escort and patrols.War should lead to special conditions at the markets.Known Bugs The wrenches of AI controlled taverns do not go out to work.It may need further balancing.
Robber and thief now share the same indoor scene, since the robbers need the prison cell.
Note that robbed carts will not show as theft, but selling the goods will be listed as income.
It is currently based on Fajeth's MegaModPack.95 and includes some of Fajeth's fixes after.95.File credits, fajeth's MegaModPack has kept this game alive for me and made it much more stable.But none the less its a fun game.I may later port the actual features to other mod bases.The, guild 2 was released in 2006, This stand alone expansion.If you've gained an office and want to know what you can control then often the easiest way to find the new underlings it to click gammal dating rotherham on the building icon on the building list on the right hand side.I found the hard coded function CityFindCrowdedPlace to be bugged.Trading routes do not continue after being robbed.Features The warehouse has access to a special sales counter.Note: this change does not show ingame due to a display bug in the.Bribes by AI were reduced based on the bribe target.This stops the bribe spamming.Rogue changes The Mercenary camp enda sex dating was removed from the rogue class and is now available to everyone.It also helps avoid the robbers/thieves from overwhelming everything and choking every town so easily as the guards are more common and economic.

The game may or may not OOS in trial situations.
Enable wool for visions.
It is available through a building measure (look for crates).